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Sam Peters

Samuel "Sam" Peters


A man with a heart of gold, He became a solider in order to follow the generational footsteps left behind by his family on his fathers side. After his fathers passing when he was 17 he took over the role of breadwinner and caretaker for his frail and sickly Ma. In his very limited spare time he loves gardening and taking care of many varities of flowers, sometimes even making interesting and new hybrids.

He tries to live his life with a cheery and carefree smile, even with all the hardships life may throw his way. Even with soliderhood being one of the better paying poistions out there he finds himself having to do things that clash with his strong sense of duty often unorder to afford paying for his Ma's treatments.

Like growing a technically illegal medicinal plant in an equally illegal to enter forbidden forest...



Stoic and standoffish, it can be hard to peek through the many walls he's built up. He likes reading.