Estimated Launch Date: Late 2023-Early 2024

MOTHERS THOUSAND EYES (Or MTE for short) is a queer fantasy comic about a man named Sam who finds himself caught between his sense of duty as a soldier for the holy church of MOTHER, and his heart. MTE tackles the struggle of learning how to cope with past tramua as well as grief through the connections that one makes with others.

MTE has been the passion project day dream of mine for over 5 years now! I'm so close to being able to finally have something to show for all the blood and tears I've shed while putting my whole heart and soul into this. Thanks for checking out the site and I hope you will enjoy the journey when it comes!! Mind the wet paint

About the Artist

My name is Al, I'm a late 20-something who goes by THEY/THEM pronouns. I've been drawing ever since I was little and one of my biggest dreams is to share my stories and art through comics. I'm hoping to one day make this dream my full time job...because if I have to live in a capitalistic nightmare of a world then I might as well be doing what I love!!

Long live indie comics!

Where to find me